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Terms and Conditions

Message from Selection Committee (11th June 2019)

There are three broad criteria for being selected -

1. You have to be a paid up member of the club.
Non paid up players will not be considered for selection going forward as of next week (17/06/19). If you are one of these players that is yet to organise subs payment or set up a payment plan, please do so ASAP!

2. You have to be available.
There is an availability chart in the clubhouse and if you can't get there please tell someone on the selection committee. Failing that, there is also a weekly availability email that gets sent to all players registered with our Pitchero web page. If you are available regularly you are likely to be preferred to an 'occasional' player. There have been a few 'occasional players' used this season - especially on ‘Champions League Saturday’ but with over 29 players not available that Saturday we ought to be very proud we got four teams out.

3. You have to merit selection.
Our aim is for all four teams to do as well as they can and, if possible to get all four promoted. We have done very well in the last two or three seasons and we want to keep that success going. The first eleven captain has first choice then the second eleven captain picks his and so on. Each side should have the right balance of batters and bowlers and a keeper and, of course form is of prime importance. Looked at from afar and from a scorebook, a batter with scores of 0, 4 and 2 in his last three innings might look like a prime candidate to be dropped. If however he was bowled by one that would have got Kohli out, run out through no fault of his own and caught on the boundary going for a six off the last ball of our innings he/she may be in the best form of their life.

In addition we have always taken the view that 'if you're good enough you're old enough' By introducing young players to senior league cricket earlier rather than later the club has developed more quickly than it might otherwise have done.
So captains will recommend players for promotion and those, conversely who may merit a spell in a lower team to regain their form. All players are diligently discussed in selection and we aim to circulate teams as soon as possible after Tuesdays. Those not selected for Saturday games will be first in the queue for selection on Sundays.

Finally, there is no fool-proof, objective system of selection. People often have differing views. But we can do no more than make honest decisions that we believe to be in the best interests of the team and ultimately the club as a whole.