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Thank you Goose!

Thank you Goose!

By Ashley Leat
6 June
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Goose hands the reigns over to Mappa

You may or may not be aware but at last nights AGM, Nick Gandon decided that the time was right to hand over the Chairman's hot seat to Ian Munday.

On behalf of the whole club, thank you for everything you have done and continue you to do for our club. Good luck in your new roles and of course with getting the 3's promoted.
The club also wishes our new Chairman Mappa the best of luck.

A Statement from Nick Gandon

At the AGM this year I said that this would be my 10th and final year as Chairman of our great club. We duly appointed Ian "Mappa" Munday as Vice-Chairman at the AGM on an understanding that, as and when the time was right, he would step up and take things forward. I am pleased to report that at last night's Committee meeting I stood down and Mappa stepped up. I wish to express my thanks to Mappa for accepting the challenge and also to all those who in the past ten years have served on our Committee – and to the very many others who have played their part outside of the Committee. We are in a good place but with plenty yet to accomplish.

I love Hoddesdon Cricket Club ridiculously and have done so ever since 1972 when as a grubby youth I played my first game. It's very dear to my heart. While I find myself with new and different involvements in cricket, my commitment to the Club is undiminished and I will do just whatever I can to play my part. Onwards and upwards!

Nick Gandon/Goose

Statement from Ian Munday

I feel hugely privileged to have been chosen to become chairman of Hoddesdon Cricket Club. I want to personally thank Nick for his extraordinary contribution to the club and how he has led us to be the club that we are today.

The Club is in really good shape both on and off the field, through all aspects of the club, from officers, juniors, seniors and social members - and this is through our ability to connect together, support each other, volunteer for jobs to make the club better, enjoy each other’s company and generally be great people who are proud to be members of this great club - YOUR club.

During the coming months, we will look to review the clubs current 5 year plan (required for club mark) to ensure the objectives of the club are known to all , although, as mentioned at the AGM, there are no imminent large scale projects required and provides us an opportunity to build on the successful on and off field models that we what we have and I am confident that our brilliantly committed members and increasing levels of support that we give each other both as club members and friends will help achieve this

Exciting times

Ian Munday/Mappa

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