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Fantasy Cricket Week 16

Fantasy Cricket Week 16

By Bill Thorne
26 August 2016
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Fantasy week 16

Fantasy Cricket time - with just 2 weeks to go - and frankly the scores this week were a tad on the minimal. I could over exaggerate and still be underwhelmed. Its about as exciting as listening to Arsen Wenger talk about slippers.

Anyway - to the scores.

In the MVP for the week was Dellers who was obviously in a league of his own - and in the coat of a dwarf looking at the picture of him getting his green jacket - but anyway - trundled in to top place with his 5 wickets - the unfortunate thing being he wasn't in anyones fantasy team. Brownie pottled in to second with jolly Joe Juke in third

Richard Byrne8
Martin Brown6
Joe Duke5
Louis Purves4
Ross Angelini4
Aidan McElligot3
Anthony Higgs3
Harry Mason3
Rhys Jones3
Rocco Cuffaro3
Adam Sturdy2
Matt Byrne2
Ross Clarke2
Todd Sturdy2
Ashley Leat1
Bill Thorne1
Max Murray1
Nick Gandon1
Rob Walters1
Shaun Brown1

In the season to date league - Rocky scythed through Robs lead - well - he cut it by 2 - which is scythed if you look at it as the lead was cut by a sixth - but thats like sexing up Draiseys underpants. Jimmy Ack saved himself for a match winning innings for the U17s and stayed on his veranda playing with his bazooki for the week - so Rocky has built a massive lead of 2 over him in third.

Rob Walters74
Neels Bergh70
Rocco Cuffaro64
James Achillea62
Adam Sturdy57
Sam Davis53
Max Murray52
Aidan McElligot51
Joe Duke51
Tom Fryers50
Martin Brown49
Todd Sturdy45
Harry Mason40
Anthony Higgs39
Shaun Brown38
Rhys Jones37
Ross Clarke36
Josh Gorton35
Bill Thorne33
Alex Charles-Wall30
Louis Purves30
Rob Jones30
Oliver Maughan28
Ross Angelini28
Nick Gandon27
Tyler Burroughs26
Peter Draisey25
Hayden Brown23
Jez Samuel23
Matt Byrne21
Mark Brooks20
Rich Youngman19
George Duke18
Rob Scrimshaw18
Luke Murray17
Ashley Leat16
Neil Connor15
Steve Duke14
Jordan Harrison9
Richard Byrne8
Henry Taylor7
James Mead7
Terry Savanu5
Pete Murray4
Riley Hagger4
Tim McElligot4
Ross Maughan3
Tom Grover3
Jack Osborne1
Jon Dean1

In the Fantasy league, the winner for the week was Rhys - the furry faced Jones of the first team - with his Lucky Dip team - which implies its better to stick a pin on a bit of paper (well - stick a pin in Bill to get him to pick a random team more like it) than to give it any thought. Harry came in second just ahead of Todd, with Colonel and Cranker making a welcome return to the top of the table.

Rhys Jones. Lucky Dip27
Harry Mason. Shut up Harry24
Todd Sturdy. Brothers of the Knights Watchman23
Colin Munday. Colonel.21
Ross Clarke. Ross' Raiders20
Adam Sturdy. Pakistani Match Fixing?! Asif20
Ash Leat. Yes! No!...Sorry CC19
Jill Mackensie. MacKensies19
Alan Casbard. Casbard19
John Dean. Merton's Millions19
Bill Thorne. Dave'll Fix It17
James Achillea. My Big Fat Greek Cricket Team17
Jackie Thorne17
Tyler Burroughs. Hoddesdon Heat17
Martin Brown. Henry B-Lowfield16
Rich Youngman. Youngman, There's No Need to Feel Down15
Rob Jones. Inter MiNan15
Dave Thorne14
Josh Gorton. Nicest Team in Cricket14
Anthony Higgs. Finogen14
Finley Higgs. The Stinky Socks14
Rocco Cuffaro. Crocodile Rock-o13
Rob Walters. TBC13
Alex Charles Wall. ACW12
Ollie Maughan. Maughan II12
Shaun Brown. Will Grigg's on Fire12
Jenny Hutchings. Jen's Army 3.011
Tom Fryers. Sons of Pitches10
Ross Maughan. Maughan8
James Mead. Delhi Daredevils5
Sam Davis. Old Harbours3
Bob Ripley. Bobs Slog3

In the season to date league, both Bill and Jack went for mid table obscurity for the week but cancelled each other out with 17 points, so Bills lead stays at 7 points. Todd increased his lead in third, and closed in on the CMT on second. The CMT is not taking it well - its win at all cost so I'm hiding in the toilet next week just in case

Bill Thorne. Dave'll Fix It561
Jackie Thorne554
Todd Sturdy. Brothers of the Knights Watchman539
Rob Jones. Inter MiNan527
John Dean. Merton's Millions525
Rhys Jones. Lucky Dip485
Rob Walters. TBC479
Rich Youngman. Youngman, There's No Need to Feel Down475
Adam Sturdy. Pakistani Match Fixing?! Asif466
Jenny Hutchings. Jen's Army 3.0459
Finley Higgs. The Stinky Socks459
Tyler Burroughs. Hoddesdon Heat458
Martin Brown. Henry B-Lowfield453
Harry Mason. Shut up Harry451
Josh Gorton. Nicest Team in Cricket441
Alan Casbard. Casbard441
Anthony Higgs. Finogen435
James Mead. Delhi Daredevils432
Shaun Brown. Will Grigg's on Fire430
Dave Thorne429
Colin Munday. Colonel.420
Ross Clarke. Ross' Raiders413
Alex Charles Wall. ACW410
James Achillea. My Big Fat Greek Cricket Team406
Rocco Cuffaro. Crocodile Rock-o400
Sam Davis. Old Harbours400
Ross Maughan. Maughan399
Bob Ripley. Bobs Slog394
Ash Leat. Yes! No!...Sorry CC392
Jill Mackensie. MacKensies392
Ollie Maughan. Maughan II365
Tom Fryers. Sons of Pitches357

There are only 2 weeks to go - and the Thirds are already shaving their legs and waxing ready for football season as their game is once again off this week. They all fear the Gorton possy obviously - but who wouldnt when his danders up. Anyway - its time for those who haven't already done so to play their jokers. By my reckoning (though I've got to check it) the following haven't as yet played them - so by all means leave it to the last week but let me know

Ash Leat. Yes! No!...Sorry CC
Jill Mackensie. MacKensies
Sam Davis. Old Harbours
Anthony Higgs. Finogen
Rhys Jones. Lucky Dip
Harry Mason. Shut up Harry
Ross Clarke. Ross' Raiders
Tom Fryers. Sons of Pitches
Jenny Hutchings. Jen's Army 3.0
Alan Casbard. Casbard
Alex Charles Wall. ACW
Ollie Maughan. Maughan II
Colin Munday. Colonel.
Adam Sturdy. Pakistani Match Fixing?! Asif
James Achillea. My Big Fat Greek Cricket Team
Ross Maughan. Maughan
Shaun Brown. Will Grigg's on Fire
Tyler Burroughs. Hoddesdon Heat
James Mead. Delhi Daredevils
Finley Higgs. The Stinky Socks

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