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Fantasy Cricket Update

Fantasy Cricket Update

By Bill Thorne
20 August 2016
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Fantasy cricket

We're now up to date.

Its been a tricky week in the Fantasy cricket. There were 7 jokers played in total - but with the Firsts and Seconds not scoring many, and the thirds not bothering to get out of bed they were well and truly wasted (the jokers - not the thirds - though they may well have been with not having to get up for cricket in the morning)

So, MVP for the week was the most English Welshman ever to tread a pair of flip flops - Mr Robert Jones, who relatively pootled to his 69 in the win for the firsts against Reed -aided by a couple of catches as well. Rob W and Shamus Brown came in joint second with 6.

Rob Jones8
Rob Walters6
Shaun Brown6
Tom Fryers5
Adam Sturdy4
Sam Davis4
Bill Thorne3
Rhys Jones3
Aidan McElligot2
James Achillea2
Joe Duke2
Martin Brown2
Max Murray2
Nick Gandon2
Todd Sturdy2
Ashley Leat1
Luke Murray1
Ross Angelini1
Ross Clarke1

That means that Rob Walters oozed back to top spot in the Season to date MVP competition, overtaking Neels and opening up a bit of a gap over Jimmy Kopodopolus and Rocky Cuffaro of 11 and 12 respectively. Thats only a weeks worth of points on a good week, and theres only a few weeks to go.

Rob Walters73
Neels Bergh70
James Achillea62
Rocco Cuffaro61
Adam Sturdy55
Sam Davis53
Max Murray51
Tom Fryers50
Aidan McElligot48
Joe Duke46
Martin Brown43
Todd Sturdy43
Harry Mason37
Shaun Brown37
Anthony Higgs36
Josh Gorton35
Rhys Jones34
Ross Clarke34
Bill Thorne32
Alex Charles-Wall30
Rob Jones30
Oliver Maughan28
Louis Purves26
Nick Gandon26
Tyler Burroughs26
Peter Draisey25
Ross Angelini24
Hayden Brown23
Jez Samuel23
Mark Brooks20
Rich Youngman19
George Duke18
Rob Scrimshaw18
Luke Murray17
Ashley Leat15
Neil Connor15
Steve Duke14
Jordan Harrison9
Henry Taylor7
James Mead7
Terry Savanu5
Pete Murray4
Riley Hagger4
Tim McElligot4
Ross Maughan3
Tom Grover3
Jack Osborne1
Jon Dean1

In the Fantasy league, the Ladies were well and truly put back in their boxes - with the lads of the big R's coming out on top. Rob Jones had a clean sweep after winning the MVP - following it up with a Fantasy weekly win - 10 ahead of Rob Walters; and two other R's just behind them in the shape of Rocky and Rich.

Rob Jones. Inter MiNan72
Rob Walters. TBC62
Rocco Cuffaro. Crocodile Rock-o50
Rich Youngman. Youngman, There's No Need to Feel Down46
Josh Gorton. Nicest Team in Cricket44
Dave Thorne36
Martin Brown. Henry B-Lowfield32
Jackie Thorne32
Sam Davis. Old Harbours30
Bob Ripley. Bobs Slog30
Ross Clarke. Ross' Raiders29
Rhys Jones. Lucky Dip28
John Dean. Merton's Millions28
Tyler Burroughs. Hoddesdon Heat27
Jenny Hutchings. Jen's Army 3.026
Ollie Maughan. Maughan II25
Jill Mackensie. MacKensies24
James Mead. Delhi Daredevils24
Todd Sturdy. Brothers of the Knights Watchman23
Bill Thorne. Dave'll Fix It23
Alex Charles Wall. ACW22
Colin Munday. Colonel.22
Harry Mason. Shut up Harry21
Alan Casbard. Casbard21
Adam Sturdy. Pakistani Match Fixing?! Asif21
Finley Higgs. The Stinky Socks21
Ash Leat. Yes! No!...Sorry CC20
Shaun Brown. Will Grigg's on Fire20
Tom Fryers. Sons of Pitches18
James Achillea. My Big Fat Greek Cricket Team18
Ross Maughan. Maughan16
Anthony Higgs. Finogen14

The result launched Rob Jones (not the easiest thing to do) up the league into 4th just behind Ted Sturdy. Bills leads at the top was cut again by his Mum, and its down to just 7 points with 3 weeks to go. Jackies lead over Todd is 21 points - and with the 3's not bothering playing again this week it will make closing the gap a bit harder

Bill Thorne. Dave'll Fix It544
Jackie Thorne537
Todd Sturdy. Brothers of the Knights Watchman516
Rob Jones. Inter MiNan512
John Dean. Merton's Millions506
Rob Walters. TBC466
Rich Youngman. Youngman, There's No Need to Feel Down460
Rhys Jones. Lucky Dip458
Jenny Hutchings. Jen's Army 3.0448
Adam Sturdy. Pakistani Match Fixing?! Asif446
Finley Higgs. The Stinky Socks445
Tyler Burroughs. Hoddesdon Heat441
Martin Brown. Henry B-Lowfield437
Josh Gorton. Nicest Team in Cricket427
Harry Mason. Shut up Harry427
James Mead. Delhi Daredevils427
Alan Casbard. Casbard422
Anthony Higgs. Finogen421
Shaun Brown. Will Grigg's on Fire418
Dave Thorne415
Colin Munday. Colonel.399
Alex Charles Wall. ACW398
Sam Davis. Old Harbours397
Ross Clarke. Ross' Raiders393
Bob Ripley. Bobs Slog391
Ross Maughan. Maughan391
James Achillea. My Big Fat Greek Cricket Team389
Rocco Cuffaro. Crocodile Rock-o387
Ash Leat. Yes! No!...Sorry CC373
Jill Mackensie. MacKensies373
Ollie Maughan. Maughan II353
Tom Fryers. Sons of Pitches347

A lot of jokers have been played now but there's plenty more that can still be player so please let me know as soon as possible.

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